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Hoods in the Night: Colombia’s Conflict and the Civilian Population


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The civil conflict in Colombia is nearly four-decades old. U.S. interests run high in that South American country, which is rich in natural resources and is a strategic foothold in the Andean region for U.S. military planners. On this edition of Making Contact, we go to the Colombian cities of Medellin and Bogota to hear first-hand what life is like for disenfranchised and displaced communities that are literally caught in the crossfire. We also look at how heavy U.S. financial and military support is affecting the situation. Many Colombians say U.S. aid is like “throwing gasoline onto a fire.”


Voices and sounds from Soacha (in Bogota) and La Onda (in Medellin), communities of people who were displaced from their homes in other regions of Colombia; Felix Posada, director of the Center for Latin American Popular Communication based in Bogota; General Leonardo Gallego, head of the Medellin Police Department; Rosa Gomez,Socorro MosqueraLuz Dario Pina, and Dianna Gutierrez, who are members of the national women’s organization La Ruta Pacifica de Las Mujeres.

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Author: Radio Project

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