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Fuel to the Fire: Oil and Indigenous People in Colombia


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Colombia is the third largest recipient of aid from Washington. Since 1999 U.S. economic and military involvement there has deepened. On this program we look at connections between oil corporations, indigenous peoples and the civil war in Colombia.


Héctor Mondragón, Colombia Human Rights Network; Monica Enriquez, Committee for a New Colombia; Ligia Inez Alzate Arias, CUT; Clemencia Herrera, National Indigenous Organization of Colombia; Wade Davis, explorer-in-residence, National Geographic; Kevin Koenig, Amazon Watch; Larry Meriage, Occidental Petroleum Corporation.

For more information:

Colombia Human Rights Network – Washington, D.C.

Committee for a New Colombia

CUT – Medellin, Colombia

National Indigenous Organization of Colombia, ONIC – Bogota, Colombia

AmazonWatch – Malibu, CA

Occidental Petroleum Corporation – Los Angeles, California


Author: Radio Project

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