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Narco Cover: Colombia and U.S. Foreign Policy

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The U.S. government wants to increase its military support to Colombia, the number one recipient of U.S. aid in the western hemisphere, and the number one violator of human rights. On this program we take a look at U.S. involvement in Colombia, and what’s behind U.S. counter-narcotics operations there.


Cecilia Zarate-Laun, Colombia Support Network; Carlos Salinas, Amnesty International; Stan Goff, a former special operations U.S. army officer in Latin America who served in Colombia and Peru in the early 1990s; Dennis Grammenos, Colombian Labor Monitor; Shannon Wright, Rainforest Action Network; Antonio Prieto, Information Services Latin America.

For more information:

Cecilia Zarate-Laun
Columbia Support Network
P.O. Box 1505
Madison, Wisconsin 53701

Carlos Salinas
Amnesty International USA
600 Pennsylvania Ave, S.E.
Fifth Floor
Washington, DC 20003

Lucy Rodriguez
Columbia Information Group

Antonio Prieto
Information Services Latin America
1904 Franklin St # 900
Oakland, California 94612

Shannon Wright
Rainforest Action Network
221 Pine St. – Fifth Floor
San Francisco, California 94104

Stan Goff

Author: Radio Project

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