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Homefield Disadvantage: U.S. Stadium Construction


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In the last five years, owners of sports teams in twenty U.S. cities have negotiated with officials to build brand new stadiums. But to pay for construction costs, in most cases, public officials would have to increase sales taxes or use state lottery funds – a controversial move at a time when governments are cutting social services. On this program, we take a look at the impacts of stadium construction on communities and tax payers in the United States.


Neil De mause, co-author of “Field of Schemes: How the Great Stadium Swindle Turns Public Money into Private Profit”; Professor Robert Baade, sports economist; Ralph Nader, consumer advocate; Peter Catalano, Fenway Action Coalition
Mike Ross, Boston City Councilman; Paul Shannon, Save Fenway Park member; Saul Lopez, former employee of Utah Structural Coating; Victor Baltista, Western Mountain Regional Council of Carpenters member; Lorna Vogt, Utah Progressive Network; Ray Zoll, attorney for Utah Structural Coating; Bruce Butler, lead organizer for Western Mountain Regional Council of Carpenters; Glenn Bailey, director of the Crossroads Urban Center; Matt Mincovitch, Travelers’ Aid Society shelter.

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Department of Economics
Lakeforest College – Lakeforest, Illinois

Neil de Mause
Co-Author of “Field of Schemes: How the Great Stadium Swindle Turns Public Money into Private Profit”

Asian Americans United

Save Fenway Park

Utah Progressive Network

Author: Radio Project

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