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Ali Abunimah on ‘Delegitimizing’ Israel


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Palestinian child with flag. Image via Flickr (cc) user Rusty Stewart.

US government support for Israel has never been stronger.  But now a consumer boycott of Israel is gaining steam, and Israeli government officials are being openly confronted and denounced wherever they travel.

Author and activist Ali Abunimah says that this is evidence of a global movement against Israeli government policy breaking through. On this edition, Ali Abunimah explains why he thinks Israel has ‘lost the argument’ over who’s right and wrong…and where he thinks the movement to free Palestine is headed next.

Special thanks to the Middle East Children’s Alliance and KPFA radio.

This program was funded in part by Left Tilt.


Ali Abunimah, Electronic Intifada founder.


 Full length Speech by Ali Abunimah, with Introduction by Alice Walker

Question and Answer Session with Ali Abunimah and Alice Walker

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A Study of Arab-Jewish Grassroots Dialogue Groups in the United States by Nurete L. Brenner


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Author: Radio Project

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