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Tapping the Market: Privatizing the World’s Water Supply


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The World Bank predicts that two-thirds of the world┬╣s population will not have enough fresh drinking water by the year 2025. Instead of protecting existing supplies, promoting conservation or helping vulnerable populations, many governments are turning to private companies to fix their water woes. Private companies, often large transnational corporations, are looking to cash in. On this edition of Making Contact, we take a look at water privatization in South Africa, Ghana, Bolivia, and the United States.


John Nyagbe, Third World Network Africa; Trevor Ngwane, Anti-Privatization Forum; Sara Grusky, Public Citizen; Virginia Setshedi, Soweto Electricity Crisis Committee; Oscar Olivera, Coalition in Defense of Water and Life; Rodney Smith, J and M Water Development LCC; David Bollier, author of “Silent Theft: The Private Plunder of our Common Wealth;” and Hiroshi Kanno, Concerned Citizens of Newport.

For more information:

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Public Citizen Global Trade Watch – Washington, DC

David Bollier
Author of “Silent Theft


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Author: Radio Project

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