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Who Owns Our Water? Profits vs. Public Interest


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Water in Mauis Iao Stream doesnt make it past Wailuku Agribusiness diversion grate.  Source: John Duey

Water in Maui's Iao Stream doesn't make it past Wailuku Agribusiness' diversion grate. Source: John Duey

Water is essential to survival. Yet access to fresh, clean water has increasingly come under the control of private corporations, making it less affordable and harder to come by. On this edition, we’ll take a look at water as a basic human right. We’ll hear about a plan to privatize water services in Lagos, Nigeria, and we’ll hear about how activists in Maui, Hawaii are working to recover the island’s water sources for public use.


Kapua Sproat, attorney, Earthjustice; John Duey, community activist, Hui o Na Wai Eha; Isaac Moriwake, attorney, Earthjustice; Avery Chumbly, president, Wailuku Agribusiness; Lucienne deNaie, vice president, Maui Tomorrow; Maude Barlow, national chairperson, Council of Canadians; Anil Naidoo, organizer, Blue Planet Project; Wole Adeboye, Lagos resident; Kehinde Oyida, Lagos resident; Olumuyiwa Coker, group managing director, Lagos State Water Corporation; Emmanuel Adeyemo, Nigeria Water Partnership.

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Council of Canadians – Ottawa, ON, Canada

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Author: Radio Project

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