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Tapped Out: Clean Water in Peril


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The Gowanus Canal, New York, NY.  Photo: brainware3000 on flickr

The Gowanus Canal, New York, NY. Photo: brainware3000 on flickr

Fresh water is our most essential natural resource. Yet worldwide, more than one billion people don’t have access to clean, safe drinking water. And it’s a sure bet that as water scarcity grows, so too will these alarming numbers. So how can we protect our fresh water resources? Where do we start?

On this edition, from a grassroots toxic canal clean up to a long-standing
watershed war, we’ll hear from U.S. water stewards across the country.
They’re people working to protect and restore our valuable fresh waterways
and to keep water resources part of a shared global commons.

This program is made possible in part by the Park Foundation.

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‘Gowanus’ by Samara Freemark

Alex Coveleski, Gowanus Dredgers Member; Owen Foote, Dredgers Coordinator; Olivia Ford, NYC Student; Marco Dashev, Brooklyn Fashion Photographer and Gowanus canoer; Stephen Kline and Beatrice Aranow, first-time canoers.

‘Southeastern Water Wars’ by Marjorie Menzel

Johnny Richards, Franklin County Seafood Workers Association President; Kevin Begos, Franklin County Oyster and Seafood Industry Task Force
 Executive Director; Dan Tonsmeire, Apalachicola Riverkeeper; Joseph “Smokey” Parrish, Franklin County Commissioner; Anita Grove, Apalachicola Bay Chamber of Commerce Executive Director; Charlie Crist, Florida Governor; Sonny Perdue, Georgia Governor.

‘Living With Less Water’ by Rebecca Williams

Ellen Peterson, Florida Resident; Gary J. Ritter, Lake Okeechobee Area Water
Manager; Dr. Peter H. Gleick, Pacific Institute Co-founder and President.

This segment comes from “The Environment Report” which receives its funding
from The Park Foundation and the Joyce Foundation.

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(Greywater Guerillas)

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Clean Water Laws Are Neglected, at a Cost in Suffering by Charles Duhigg 
The New York Times, Published: September 12, 2009
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Harvesting Rain Water — courtesy of YouTube

Music: Raindrops by Avko
Eple by Roy Scopp

Author: Radio Project

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