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Hawaii: A Voice For Sovereignty


Hawaii08Some call it “Paradise”, but Hawaii isn’t just a tourist getaway. Look beyond the resorts, and you’ll find a history of opposition to US occupation. From sacred sites, to indigenous language, Hawaiians are fighting hard to protect their traditions, and their future. On this edition we hear excerpts from the 2012 film by Catherine Bauknight “Hawaii: A Voice for Sovereignty,” which explores the history of Hawaii – from the beginning of the US occupation up to statehood and the present day.


Kaleikola Ka’eo, professor of Hawaiian Studies at Maui Community College; Guy Aina, fisherman from Hana; Kenneth Ho’opai, Jr, minister in Maui; Richard McCarty, attorney; Ke’eaumoku Kapu, youth cultural instructor; Edward Wendt, taro farmer in East Maui; Auntie Susan Lord, Royal Patent Landholder; Woody Vaspra, World Council of Elders

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