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How We Survive: The Deepening Homeless Crisis


From top left: 1. David and Yanni; 3. Enya and her kitten; 4. Pinellas Hope residents bikes in front of casitas used to transition clients into more stable housing; 6. Max Rameau.  Source:  1-2: Blair H. Wells. 3-4: Andrew Stelzer

From top left: 1. David and Yanni; 3. Enya and her kitten; 4. Pinellas Hope resident's bikes in front of 'casitas' used to transition clients into more stable housing; 6. Max Rameau. Source: 1-2: Blair H. Wells. 3-4: Andrew Stelzer

Across the U.S., virtually everyone is feeling the deepening economic crunch in one way or another. Unemployment rates are soaring and homelessness is skyrocketing as the economy continues to sink. Millions of Americans are in dire straits… and stories of trying to survive the times are all too common.

On this edition, we visit with a family who lost their home and now lives inside their cramped trailer in a city parking lot. And we’ll hear how two different communities are dealing with the economic crisis by taking matters into their own hands.


David Clements, homeless, lives in trailer with family; Jennifer, Chloe, Yanni, Enya, and Kierlan, David’s family; Nancy Kapp, New Beginnings Counseling Center homeless outreach coordinator; Max Rameau, Take Back The Land founder; Eric Evinowskis, Pinellas Hope facilities manager; Sheila Lopez, Pinellas Catholic Charities CEO and Pinellas Hope director; Rocco Mariano, Laura Letziati, James Stockstill, Pinellas Hope clients; Marie Nadine Pierre, Take Back the Land participant; Kelly Penton, City of Miami spokesperson.

Executive Producer/Host: Tena Rubio
Producer/Co-Host: Andrew Stelzer
Mixing Engineer: Matt Fidler of “Fidler, Sound and Media”
Executive Director: Lisa Rudman
Associate Director: Khanh Pham
Production Coordinator: Elena Botkin-Levy
Interns: Keisha Thomas, Asma Mohseni, Patti Restaino, and Rita Daniels

Bonus audio:

Nancy Folbre (17:39)
Nancy Folbre is a professor at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. She is also a blog writer for the The New York Times “Economix.” She speaks with our executive director, Lisa Rudman about the U.S. economy.

For more information:

New Beginnings Counseling Center – Santa Barbara, CA 93101

Pinellas Hope – Pinellas Park, FL

Santa Barbara Food Bank (South County) – Santa Barbara, CA

Take Back the Land – Miami, FL

Additional information:

Catholic Charities, USA – Alexandria, VA

Coalition on Homelessness in San Francisco

Council for Affordable and Rural Housing (CARH) – Alexandria, VA

Habitat for Humanity San Francisco

Homeless Resource Center

Kensington Welfare Rights Union – Philadelphia, PA

National Alliance to End Homelessness – Washington, DC

National Coalition for the Homeless – Washington, DC

National Housing Institute – Maplewood, NJ

National Law Center on Homelessness and Poverty – Washington, DC

Picture the Homeless

St. Mary’s Center – Oakland, CA

Urban Institute – Washington, DC

World Hunger Year (WHY) – New York, NY

Western Regional Advocacy Project – San Francisco, CA

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  1. To Whomever This May Concern;

    Hello my name is Dontaveus Thomas from Gulfport,MS and I have a real concern. As this is my first time of hearing and seeing about this. My concern is about people being homeless and having nowhere to go. What hurts me to see people walking up and down the streets searching through garbage cans trying to find something to eat as well as to find shelter which there is no homeless shelter for them to go to it saddens me that we as a people need to stand up and do whats right and help the homeless and the other day as I was walking I had seen this mother and her 5 yr. old son walking and she had stopped me and asked me did I have any money on me cause they were really hungry and dont have a place to go. And we need to put a stop to this and make a difference and come up with some kind of solution to end this it hurts to see somebody in that kind of situation and then its about be winter.

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  2. the homelessness problem is growing out of controll. we need to find more help for these poor people. they dont deserve this. mr thomas, i agree with you so much. they should have a place to go when they are in need. this is so rediculus in regards to the subject.

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