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How We Survive: Predatory ‘Mending’


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A check-cashing/pay day loan center. Photo credit:

A check-cashing/pay day loan center. Photo credit:

Almost everyone in the U.S., in one way or another, does business with the banks. But the business of borrowing isn’t always fair. Whether you’re in the market for a house, or have no credit at all, financial institutions can hit you with high fees, bad loans, and unexpected outcomes. On this edition, we continue our series “How We Survive.” This week we talk to lenders who are doing things differently and to people helping others navigate the financial marketplace.



‘Tanda’ by Andrew Stelzer

Voices: Angel Luna (AKA Mextape), Tanda practitioner.


‘Community Check Cashing’ by Andrew Stelzer

Voices: Jessie Marin and Herbert Quintana, Community Check Cashing Tellers; Jackie Quintana, Herbert Quintana’s Sister; Dan Leibsohn, Community Check Cashing Founder and Community Development Expert.


‘Mission Economic Development Agency’ by Tena Rubio

Voices: Elba, MEDA Client and mortgage borrower; Josie Ramirez, MEDA’s Homeownership Department Program Manager; Luis Granados, MEDA Executive Director.


‘Supplemental Security Income’ by Megan Martenyi

Voices: Douglass, SSI Applicant; Bruce Bortin, The Homeless Advocacy Project Benefits Counselor; Jenny Chung, Insight Center for Community Economic Development Program Manager.


For more information:

Community Check Cashing – Fruitvale Village, Oakland, CA.

Homeless Advocacy Project
1360 Mission Street, 2nd Floor
San Francisco, CA, 94103

Insight Center for Community Economic Development – Oakland, CA

Mission Economic Development Center (MEDA) – San Francisco, CA

MEDA’s Plaza Adelante
2301 Mission Street
San Francisco, CA 94110

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MEDA’s Anti-Predatory Lending Report



Raindrops by Avko
Eple by Roy Scopp

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