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How We Survive: The Deepening Homeless Crisis (encore)


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34-09Across the U.S., virtually everyone is feeling the deepening economic crunch in one way or another. Unemployment rates are soaring and homelessness is skyrocketing as the economy continues to sink. Millions of Americans are in dire straits… and stories of trying to survive the times are all too common.

On this edition, we visit with a family who lost their home and now lives inside their cramped trailer in a city parking lot. And we’ll hear how two different communities are dealing with the economic crisis by taking matters into their own hands.


David Clements, homeless, lives in trailer with family; Jennifer, Chloe, Yanni, Enya, and Kierlan, David’s family; Nancy Kapp, New Beginnings Counseling Center homeless outreach coordinator; Max Rameau, Take Back The Land founder; Eric Evinowskis, Pinellas Hope facilities manager; Sheila Lopez, Pinellas Catholic Charities CEO and Pinellas Hope director; Rocco Mariano, Laura Letziati, James Stockstill, Pinellas Hope clients; Marie Nadine Pierre, Take Back the Land participant; Kelly Penton, City of Miami spokesperson.

Executive Producer/Host: Tena Rubio
Producer/Co-Host: Andrew Stelzer
Mixing Engineer: Matt Fidler of “Fidler, Sound and Media”
Executive Director: Lisa Rudman
Associate Director: Khanh Pham
Production Coordinator: Elena Botkin-Levy
Interns: Keisha Thomas, Asma Mohseni, Patti Restaino, and Rita Daniels

For more information:

New Beginnings Counseling Center
324 East Carrillo Street, Suite C
Santa Barbara, CA 93101

Pinellas Hope
5726 126 Avenue North
Pinellas Park, FL 33760

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