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Live From Main Street Seattle: Women on Real National Security

Lets move beyond lipstick and hockey pucks to examine how issues of national security impact our daily lives, and ask the tough questions about how to build a better future.


Election ’08: Can Politics and Healthcare Mix?

On this edition, we hear how Democratic activists have been pushing their party to make health care a priority for all. And we’ll hear a first hand account of how regular citizens led a movement and won their battle for universal health care in the San Francisco


Live From Main Street Ohio: Will Your Vote Count?

This year Ohio is again a crucial swing state, and it remains to be seen whether changes in voting laws there and in other states will make the process better or worse for citizens who want to cast their votes.


Parental Notification: Protecting Our Youth?

We hear from a group in California that says a proposition requiring parental notification before abortion threatens the health, safety and rights of young women, especially communities of color and immigrant communities. We also visit Texas where both parental notification and consent laws have transformed the ways young women handle unexpected pregnancies.


Battle for Bolivia

President Evo Morales nationalized foreign corporations and distributed the revenue to the poor. Now he’s pushing a new constitution that will weaken the power of the country’s traditional economic elite. But the conservative, pro-business opposition forces have blown up gas pipelines and murdered pro-government peasants, trying to provoke a civil war. How will the struggle turn out?