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The Mission to End Prohibition

Polls show there’s a cultural shift taking place regarding the so-called “war on drugs”. On this edition, a former narcotics officer, and a leading drug reform activist, examine the roots of America’s current drug policy.


Plan Colombia: Drug War Without End

Independent producer Reese Erlich visits rural farmers and urban shanty towns in Colombia, and talks with high ranking Colombian politicians to learn about Plan Colombia, an effort to reduce cocaine production.


Spill-Over: Plan Colombia and U.S. Interests in the Andean Region

On this edition, we hear from leaders in Colombian civil society about what they view as Plan Colombia’s broader strategy: regional dominance by U.S. military and economic interests.


The War on Drugs Revisited

On this Special Prison Desk edition of Making Contact, we take a look at the impacts of the so-called war on drugs.


White Lies: The Drug War In Colombia

More than 150 people employed by U.S.-based corporations are directly involved in military operations in Colombia. These hired guns work closely with the Colombian military, fumigating coca crops and assisting in counterinsurgency efforts. On this program, we take a look at U.S. involvement in Colombia.

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Quick Fixes: U.S. Drug Policy

The U.S. government has spent tens of billions of dollars on the so-called War on Drugs. Today, deaths from drug overdoses and the number of drug-related emergency room visits are at record levels. On this program we take a look at whether stiff prison sentences and international drug interdiction efforts — staples of U.S. drug policy — are reducing illegal drug use in the United States. We also examine some alternatives.

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Narco Cover: Colombia and U.S. Foreign Policy

Listen Live (29-minute streaming mp3) Download 64k mp3 The U.S. government wants to increase its military support to Colombia, the number one recipient of U.S. aid in the western hemisphere, and the number one violator of human rights. On this program we take a look at U.S. involvement in Colombia, and what’s behind U.S. counter-narcotics operations there. Featuring: Cecilia Zarate-Laun, Colombia Support Network; Carlos Salinas,...

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