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Statement of Palestinian Solidarity

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We want to acknowledge that recent events have thrown into sharp relief the violence, displacement, and apartheid that Palestinians in Gaza have lived under for decades. As a media organization, we bear responsibility for telling the truth about the historical context leading us to this current crisis, one founded on the ethnic cleansing of Palestine in 1948. Making Contact staff have joined other solidarity media makers and organizations in endorsing this open letter in response to the genocidal violence happening in Gaza. We know listeners may find themselves wanting more information at this critical juncture. So we wanted to share some recent coverage and resources.

Here is some of Making Contact’s previous coverage of Palestine.

Gaza, Solidarity, and the Movement for Palestinian Liberation

The Nakba: 75 Years On

The Nakba, the Naksa, and the Future of Palestine

Kerning Cultures, one of our podcast partners, has this beautiful piece about the former Palestine Broadcasting Service.

Jerusalem Calling from Kerning Cultures

Democracy now has a number of excellent recent interviews. Read their coverage here.

Resources on how to take action from Jewish Voice for Peace.

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