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Upstream: Worker Cooperatives

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On today’s show we learn about worker cooperatives: what are they and can they offer an alternative to the dominant capitalist mindset? Our partner podcast Upstream brings us to a bike and skate shop in Richmond, CA that’s providing a much-needed service to its community, while also empowering its own workers. A version of this story was originally aired in 2018.

Image Credit: Artwork by Phil Wrigglesworth

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  • Doria Robinson– Founder of Urban Tilth, Co-Founder of Cooperation Richmond
  • Gopal Dayaneni– Steering Committee Member of Cooperation Richmond, Co-Founder of Movement Generation
  • Najari Smith – Co-Founder and Co-Owner of Rich City Rides Cooperative Bike and Skate Shop, Founding Executive Director of Rich City Rides Nonprofit
  • Esteban Kelly – Executive Director of the US Federation of Worker Cooperatives
  • Gorka Espiau – Agirre Lehendakaria Center at the University of the Basque Country
  • Sofa Gradin – Global Politics Tutor at King’s College in London


The Upstream Team

  • Host and Producer: Della Z Duncan
  • Co-Host, Engineer and Producer: Robert Ramin Raymond

The Making Contact Team

  • Executive Director: Jina Chung
  • Interim Senior Producer: Jessica Partnow
  • Episode Host and Producer: Lucy Kang
  • Staff Producers: Amy Gastelum, Salima Hamirani, Anita Johnson


Music Credits:

  • Blue Dot Sessions – Sticktop

Author: Radio Project

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