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Ollas Populares- Lessons from Lockdowns

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Reporter Rosina Castillo takes us to her Buenos Aires neighborhood. There, a community arts organization called La Casona de Humahuaca hosts an olla popular, a community kitchen, to feed hundreds of hungry neighbors during pandemic lockdowns.  In turn, La Casona learns more about their own identity and purpose while transforming how they operate. And, we sit down with architect and urbanist, Belen Desmaison. She explains how the Research Action Group worked with community members in Jose Carlos Mariategui, a neighborhood in the outer ring of Lima, Peru to build modular structures for food preparation and communal living.

Image Credit: Neighbors line up for a hot meal at La Casona de Humahuaca’s olla popular during pandemic lockdowns (Photo by Nuevo Encuentro Comuna 5)

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  • La Casona de Humahuaca, Community Arts Organization in Buenos Aires
  • Guille, Teacher and Volunteer
  • Mariela Jungberg, Social Psychologist and Cultural Worker
  • Belen Desmaison, Urbanist and Architect


Making Contact Staff:

  • Host: Amy Gastelum
  • Reporter: Rosina Castillo
  • Interim Senior Producer: Jessica Partnow
  • Producers: Anita Johnson, Salima Hamirani, Lucy Kang, Amy Gastelum
  • Executive Director: Jina Chung

Music Credit:

  • Gretchen’s Tango by Ergo Phizmiz

Author: Radio Project

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