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Post-Roe Abortion Access from The Response Part 2

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This episode is part two of a series about post Roe abortion access produced by our friends at The Response Podcast. Since the loss of federal protection, access to abortion care has become more difficult, especially in the south, the plains and the Midwest, but the movement for reproductive justice has only strengthened.

Today we hear about mutual aid efforts to connect folks to medical abortion and emergency contraception, but we also acknowledge that reproductive justice is about more than abortion access.

Image Credit: Digital Security For Abortion and Pregnancy Privacy Poster by Digital Defense Fund. Art by Hazel Mead.

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  • Gulf South Plan B, Mutual Aid organization that distributes free emergency contraception in Texas, Arkansas, and Mississippi
  • Angel Jones, Recipient of medical abortion pills
  • Laurie Roberts, Executive Director of Mississippi Reproductive Freedom Fund


The Response:

  • Series Producer and Writer: Robert Raymond
  • Host and Executive Producer: Tom Llewellyn

Making Contact Staff:

  • Host: Lucy Kang
  • Interim Senior Producer: Jessica Partnow
  • Producers: Anita Johnson, Salima Hamirani, Lucy Kang, Amy Gastelum
  • Executive Director: Jina Chung

Music Credit:

  • Chris Zabriskie, Do Make Say Think, and Pele

Author: Radio Project

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