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Reproductive Slights: The Erosion of Abortion Access


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Thirty years ago the U.S. Supreme Court legalized abortion in the historic Roe v. Wade ruling. Since then, attacks by the religious right and passage of restrictive laws, have chipped away at women’s reproductive freedom.

On this program from the Women’s Desk, we look at how low-income women and young women are losing their access to abortion. We’ll also discuss a right-wing campaign which claims abortion can cause breast cancer, and how the Bush Administration is putting women’s access to reproductive healthcare in danger around the world.

This program includes three in-depth reports. Voices include women who had abortions before legalization, clinic workers, analysts and activists, including the lawyer for Christ’s Bride Ministries. Guests from Atlanta, GA; Vancouver, BC; Oakland, CA; Detroit, MI, Orlando, FL; Jackson, MS, and the countries of Nigeria, Ethiopia, and The Netherlands.

For more information:

National Center for Human Rights Education

ACCESS –Oakland, CA

Pro-Choice Action Network –Vancouver, BC Canada

African Women’s Development Fund –London, UK

Center For Reproductive Law and Policy –New York, NY

National Women’s Health Organization of Jackson –Jackson, MS

Family Guidance Association of Ethiopia –San Francisco, CA

Women on Waves –Amsterdam The Netherlands

National Abortion Federation

Author: Radio Project

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