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But Next Time Part 2: From the Ashes

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As fires ravaged California’s world-famous wine country in 2017, a community radio station, emergency dispatcher, and tenant organizers helped the most vulnerable in their community survive and recover. Continue delving into community-rooted responses to disaster in California, from the fires to the pandemic.  You’ll hear about how people banded together to build mutual aid networks, translate emergency messages in Spanish and indigenous languages, and disseminate crucial recovery information to their communities. In Sonoma County, organizers hit the fields with information about where to get food, shelter, and support. In San Francisco, they set up a strong response to COVID-19 in the city’s Mission District. Tune in and hear how these leaders act collectively to confront those in power, work for justice before and after the storms, and together answer one vital question: how can next time be different?

 Special thanks to Sonya Green.


  • Alma Bowen, Founder / Executive Director of Nuestra Comunidad

  • Maribel Merino, Host, Radio Autóctona Indigenista on KBBF

  • Xulio Soriano, California Rural Legal Assistance

  • Mariano Alvarez, California Rural Legal Assistance

  • Gervacion Peña Lopez, Host, Radio Autóctona Indigenista on KBBF

  • Beatrice Camacho, ERAP manager of North Bay Organizing Project

  • Valerie Tulier-Laiwa, Coordinator of the Latino Task Force

Staff at But Next Time

  • Hosts: Chrishelle Palay and Rose Arrieta
  • Executive Producer: Luisa Dantas
  • Senior Producer & Editor: Leah Mahan
  • Supervising Producer: Paige Wood
  • Impact Producers: Anna Lee and Julia Steele Allen
  • Associate Producer: Kadi Diallo
  • Story Editor: Cheryl Devall

Making Contact Staff

  • Host: Salima Hamirani

  • Interim Executive Director: Jessica Partnow

  • Staff Producers: Anita Johnson, Monica Lopez, Salima Hamirani

Music Credits:

All original compositions by Fernando Arruda

  • But Next Time
  • Next Blues
  • Full Bodied Disparity
  • Per Pound
  • A Feeling About It
  • Going Back


Author: Radio Project

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