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Wolves at the Well: The Corporate Grab of Public Water (Encore)

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Water is critical to maintaining the balance of all life on Earth. As humans go, the United Nations estimates that each person needs about 50 to 100 liters a day for drinking and washing. It must be safe, accessible, and affordable. Some corporations claim ownership of fresh water sources to bottle and sell for profit. Others use water as a tool to extract oil and gas from the ground. In this episode of Making Contact, we’ll hear from communities fighting to keep big water bottling companies out of rural Oregon, and to protect water from oil and gas contamination in New Mexico.

Banner Image Credit: Drew Saurus, Unsplash

Image Credit: Chris Light, Wikimedia Commons

Image Caption: Columbia River Valley from the Oregon Shore towards Washington

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  • Julia DeGraw – Former Northwest Organizer, Food and Water Watch
  • Aurora del Val – Campaign Director, Local Water Alliance
  • Craig Jasmer – Founding Member, Lewis County Water Alliance
  • Alex Brown – Local Reporter, Chronicle covering Lewis County, during the Crystal Geyser incident
  • Penny Aucoin – Carlsbad-Area Resident
  • Rebecca Roose – New Mexico Water Protection Division Director
  • Nathan Small – New Mexico State Representative
  • Rebecca Sobel – Senior Organizer, WildEarth Guardians
  • Yang Toledo – Diné Spokesperson and Steering Committee Member, Youth United for Climate Crisis Action


  • Field Producers: Barbara Bernstein and Elizabeth Miller 
  • Staff Producers: Monica Lopez and Anita Johnson
  • Host: Monica Lopez

Making Contact Staff:

  • Executive Director: Sonya Green
  • Staff Producers: Monica Lopez, Anita Johnson, Salima Hamirani

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  • Tree As Man – Snowy Eyes
  • napz – Iceland
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