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Women Rising Radio: Election Protection and Democracy (Encore)

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Election protection is increasingly seen as a critical issue in the US. Since the gutting of the Voting Rights Act by the Supreme Court, there have been problems with voter purging, voter ID laws, what some call modern-day ‘poll taxes’, precinct closures, and difficulties with voting machines. Congress has noted serious attempts to hack into voting systems in the US based in partisan politics. Women Rising Radio joins two election protection activists to talk about threats to the US electoral process.

This program was produced by Women Rising Radio.

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  • Jennifer Cohn, Attorney, Journalist and Election Integrity Advocate, associated with National Voting Rights Task Force
  • Andrea Miller, IT Specialist and Founder of Center for Common Ground/Reclaim Our Vote and People Demanding Action


Women Rising Radio:

  • Producer: Lynn Feinerman
  • Host: Sandina Robbins
  • Audio Engineers: Emily Harris, Stephanie Welch

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Author: Radio Project

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