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Where There’s Smoke: Asthma, Wildfires, and Fossil Fuels

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In this episode we bring you one little girl’s experience in a Northern California neighborhood with high asthma rates and other health challenges. We also look at one part of Southern California that is bombarded with pollutants from oil refineries, a trucking thoroughfare, and one of the world’s largest ocean ports.

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Image Caption: Ta’Kira Dannette Byrd, 11-year-old Vallejo girl and Shawntierra Dolton, Ta’Kira’s mother in 2020. 

Photo By: Lee Romney

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  • Ta’Kira Dannette Byrd, 11-Year-Old Vallejo Girl
  • Shawntierra Dolton, Ta’Kira’s Mother
  • Dr. John Balmes, Professor of Medicine and Environmental Health Sciences, UCSF/UC Berkeley School of Public Health
  • Bahram Fazelli, Director of Research and Policy at Communities for a Better Environment


  • Host/Producer: Monica Lopez
  • Asthma Segment:
    • Reporter/Producer: Lee Romney
    • Editor: Lisa Morehouse
    • Engineer: James Rowlands
  • Additional Sound Engineering: Anita Johnson, Monica Lopez

Making Contact Staff:

  • Staff Producers: Monica Lopez, Anita Johnson, Salima Hamirani
  • Executive Director: Sonya Green

Music Credits:

Blue Dot Sessions, Drone Birch

Drake Stafford, Casets

David Szesztay, The End


Author: Radio Project

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