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The End of Time: Aging in America

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POC end-of-life Care

“The End of Time: Aging in America”—in this episode we’ll take a close look at why people of color have less access to basic comfort care at the end of life.  Recent studies show fewer minorities use hospice and palliative services compared to whites.  Language barriers and cultural traditions often present big obstacles for Asians, Latinos, and other ethnic minorities, in addition to poverty and lack of medical literacy.  These barriers can discourage people from seeking hospice care.

This series on racial disparities in end-of-life care was originally broadcast on KALW and was produced by JoAnn Mar in collaboration with USC Annenberg Center for Health Journalism’s 2018 California Fellowship.

Image Credit: JoAnn Mar     Image Caption: Sharitta Barry with her daughter, Ashley Hunter

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  • Sharitta Berry
  • Sharitta’s daughter Ashley Hunter
  • Dr. Jessica Nutik Zitter
  • Dr. Alexander Smith
  • Rev. Cynthia Carter Perrilliat
  • Hannah Martin
  • Alexis Owens
  • Terri Daniel
  • Luis Hernandez
  • Julie Thai
  • Karen McCabe
  • Dr. Alana Shpal
  • Host: Anita Johnson
  • Reporter, Narrator: JoAnn Mar
  • Producers: Anita Johnson, Salima Hamirani, Monica Lopez
  • Executive Director: Lisa Rudman
  • Audience Engagement Director/Web Editor: Sabine Blaizin
  • Associate Producer: Aysha Choudary 


  • “Just A Little Talk With Jesus”–it was sung by the One Voice Mass Choir from the CD “Courage For Caregivers”, Demetrius Tolefree and Martha Knox were on lead vocals.  This CD was produced by Rev. Cynthia Carter Perrilliat and the Alameda County Care Alliance.

Author: Radio Project

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