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Seeing Red: Marshalling Cultural Anger in Middle America


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Thomas Frank, author and magazine editor.  Source:

Thomas Frank, author and magazine editor. Source:

In the last two elections, the conservative values rhetoric has been effective in getting working class voters in middle America to vote in spite of their own interests.

On this edition, we’ll hear from Thomas Frank, author of “What’s the Matter with Kansas: How Conservatives Won the Political Heart of America.” Frank suggests how a “thirty-year backlash” has shaped the country’s politics. He says right wing conservatives have marshaled cultural anger to achieve their economic goals.

For more information:

Thomas Frank, Editor

The Baffler Magazine –┬áChicago, IL

Review of this program on PRX (Public Radio Exchange):

Posted: 02-03-2005
Reviewer: Bill McKibben, author

Thomas Frank is in rare form here–one of the msot interesting thinkers in the country today, in full, funny, under-control, fire-hose powerful rant. The only problem with this piece is that it ends much too abruptly, and just as he’s beginning to make an important point. Still, his voice (and mind) is powerful enough to carry the whole thing.

Rating: 5/5
Adjectives: Earnest, Intriguing, Thoughtful

Author: Radio Project

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