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Occupy, 5 years later

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September marks the 5 year anniversary of Occupy. We go to Zuccotti Park, and Oakland to talk to individuals that were part of Occupy Wall Street and Occupy Oakland to gain insight and reflection on the movement that swept the nation.


  • Samara Ward, Occupy Oakland participant
  • Joyous DeAsis, Young Oakland organizer, Occupy Oakland participant
  • Marisa Holmes, Filmmaker, Occupy Wall Street facilitator
  • Needa Bee, Occupy Oakland participant
  • Krystof Lapour, Occupy Oakland participant
  • Samsarah Morgan, doula and birth worker, Founder of Occupy Oakland Children’s Village and Parents and Allies Caucus of Occupy Oakland, Occupy Decolonize Birth Parenting and Pregnancy Caucus
  • Rebecca Ruiz Sunwoo, Organizer Idriss Stelley Foundation, Occupy Oakland participant
  • Ashoka Finley, Black radical, Occupy the Farm participant

  • Host: R.J. Lozada
  • Contributing Producer: Marie Choi
  • Music: Alex Fitch, “Seeking Clarity” and “We Call This Home III”, Blue Dot Sessions, “Union Hall Melody” and “Insatiable Toad”, Cory Gray, “Build a View”,  The Losers, “Gotta Keep Moving”

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