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Chlorpyrifos: Banned for Most Americans, Farmworkers & Their Children Left Behind


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The pesticide chlorpyrifos was banned for household use over a dozen years ago, but it is still widely applied in agriculture. We’ll explore the health risks for children, especially in farmworking communities, in this report.


  • Kim Harley, University of California, Berkeley professor and associate director of the Center for Environmental Research & Children’s Health
  • Isabel Arrollo, El Quinto Sol de America organizer
  • Jennifer Sass, Natural Resources Defense Council senior scientist
  • Tracey Brieger, Californians for Pesticide Reform co-director
  • Marina Gomez, CHAMACOS research participant
  • Brian Jimenez-Gomez, CHAMACOS research participant
  • Margaret Reeves, Pesticide Action Network senior scientist
  • Valerie Bengal, family physician and UC San Francisco clinical professor
  • Brett Knupfer, Ohlone Elementary School principal
  • Marcy Mock, Ohlone special education teacher
  • Casimira Salazar, Ohlone migrant education teacher
  • Cynthia Fernandez, Ohlone 2nd grade teacher
  • Brett McFadden, Pajaro Valley Unified School District chief business officer
Li Miao Lovett produced this report with a grant from the Fund for Investigative Journalism, in collaboration with Making Contact’s Andrew Stelzer.
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