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Chemical Soup: Pollutants in the Body


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There are thousands of chemicals in our air, water, dust, and food coming from everyday products like detergents, cookware, cosmetics, paints, sofas, shower curtains, computers, and TVs. These chemicals accumulate in our bodies-in our fat, blood, and organs-staying there long after they are banned or removed from the market. On this edition, we’ll take a look at these chemicals and how they’re being regulated.


Jane Houlihan, Vice President of Research at the Environmental Working Group (EWG); Sharyle Patton, Director of the Commonweal Health and Environment Program; Gina Solomon, Senior Scientist at the National Resources Defense Council; Bruce Ames, professor of bio-chemistry and molecular biology at the University of California in Berkeley; Angie Strother, EWG breast milk test participant and mother; Peter O’Toole, U.S. Program Director for the Bromine Science and Environmental Forum; John Peterson Myers, environmentalist and co-author of the book Our Stolen Future; Charlotte Brody, Executive Director of Healthcare Without Harm; Jerry McEuwin, Vice President of Science for the Cosmetics, Toiletry and Fragrance Association; Monique Harden, environmental justice lawyer and community organizer.

For more information:

Environmental Working Group – Washington, D.C.

National Resources Defense Council – San Francisco, CA

Healthcare Without Harm – Burke, VA

Resource Guide:

Environmental Working Group
Provides information on PCB, PBDEs and more

Not Too Pretty
Lists cosmetics with and without phthalates and has information about

Coming Clean
Describes the Body Burden (report of the pollution in people) and has links to take action

Centers for Disease Control (CDC)
Second National Report on Human Exposure to Chemicals

Our Stolen Future
Has resources for consumers about what they can do to minimize risks related to contaminants

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