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My Krip-Hop Performance: Insights of a Spoken Word Artist Who Use A.A.C.

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Two weeks ago I had the privilege to perform in the Krip-Hop Nation Bay Area Mini-Tour that honored Bay Area musicalKrip-hop performance in the Oakland Library pioneer, Joe Capers. Joe Capers was a talented musical producer from Oakland who was blind and worked with the likes of MC Hammer and En Vogue when they were starting out in their careers. Leroy Moore, also a co-founder of Sins Invalid, organized this Mini-Tour together bringing together artists with disabilities from all around the world to perform. I was delighted to perform alongside emcees like Binkiwoi from Germany  and Lady MJ Warrior from the United Kingdom. Also more locally songstress, Nomy Lamm, and spoken word artists, Leroy Moore and Joy Elan, graced the stage besides me. We performed at the San Francisco Main Library, the Oakland Main Library, and the Eastside Arts Alliance in East Oakland on July 9th, 12th, and 13th respectively. Whenever I perform spoken word on my A.A.C. device I usually get rave reviews of how my poems are inspiring and touch people’s hearts. Below is the recording of my performance at the Oakland Main Library so you can see what people are talking about. I hope you enjoy!

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