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All Around Cowboy: Inside the world of queer rodeo


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Rodeo is a part of life for many Americans. But if you’re an LGBTQ rodeo fan participating in the sport you love can mean hiding part of who you are to fit in. But a tight knit group of queer cowboys has found a way to live the country and Western lifestyle in their own way.  You don’t often hear the words “gay” and “rodeo” together. On this edition Producer Vanessa Rancaño brings us one bull rider’s story.


  • Jason Strand, bull rider
  • Stud Monkey & David Grub, rodeo competitors
  • Clint Coil, rodeo judge and Stud Monkey’s partner
  • Judy Munson, Gay Games Rodeo Committee Chair
  • Darcey Ward, arena crew member
  • Rob Matyska, arena crew coordinator
  • Tom Porter, rodeo fan and David’s partner
  • Bill Lyle & Jane Silva, co-owners of The Thrill at Morgan Hill Rodeo Company
  • Steve Wollert, longtime IGRA member
  • Michael Weldert, rodeo fan
  • Edwin & Romiro, Bill Lyle’s employees
  • Will Ikeman, Jason’s husband

Producer, Host: Vanessa Rancaño

This show was part of a partnership with the UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism. Special thanks to Claire Schoen.


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