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Words vs. Bars: How Prison Poets Escape


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book-cover_-poems-from-prison-by-etheridge-knight_1968Locked up for month, years, or decades, poetry is form of self-expression that’s become vital to the incarcerated.  In Prison, Poetry can keep you sane, and help you move towards a better future.

To mark National Poetry Month, we bring you a special production by the Prison Poetry Workshop. We go from California’s San Quentin prison, to a group of Alabama prison poets. And we’ll meet a legendary prison poet of the 1960’s who helped spark a literary movement.


  • Andrew Gazzeny, San Quentin prisoner poet
  • Etheridge Knight, formerly incarcerated poet
  • Janice Knight-Mooney, Etheridge’s sister
  • James Depp, poet and friend of Etheridge
  • Melba Boyd, former Broadside Press employee
  • Ira Smith, Guy Carter, AJ Payne, Sarge Daniels, Calvin Green, Staton Correctional Facility poets
  • Keyes Stevens, Alabama Prison Arts and Education Project facilitator
  • Dwayne Betts,formerly incarcerated poet

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