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Police Tape: From Rodney King to Aiyana Jones


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Police filming students during the anti-cuts demonstration in London/ Cleaner Croydon' Photo via (cc).

It’s been 20 years since four white police officers were cleared of unlawfully beating Rodney King in Los Angeles. But we might never have heard of Rodney King had it not been for an amateur cameraman who caught the whole thing on tape. On this edition, we hear how video cameras have changed the way we see the police. In a special radio adaptation of the film “Police Tape,” journalist Josh Wolf investigates how law enforcement and amateur videographers across the country have responded to changing technologies.


Chris Drew, artist; Charlie LeDuff, reporter; David Greene, First Amendment Project attorney; Mark Weinburg, American Civil Liberties Union attorney; Geoffrey Fieger, attorney for the family of Aiyana Jones; William Kilgore, cop-watcher; Holly Joshi, Oakland Police former spokesperson

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Who killed Aiyana Jones?” Mother Jones
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