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Patriot Act Uncovered: The War on Civil Liberties


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A look at civil liberties in the United States in the post-September 11th era. We’ll hear about the impact of expanded wiretap and surveillance powers of the USA Patriot Act, the new levels of security and surveillance at the Canada-U.S. border, and a U.S. citizen held in federal detention on a terrorism-related conspiracy charge.


Jamil Jaffer, Attorney for the American Civil Liberties Union; attorney Bruce EllisonTom Daschle, South Dakota Senator; Marjorie Cohn, Associate Professor of Law Thomas Jefferson School of Law; David Harris, author and professor at the University of Toledo College of Law; Larry Gossett, King County Councilmember; Sarwat Biquar of the South Asian Women‚s Community Center; Imad Hamad, Michigan Coordinator of the Arab-American Anti Discrimination Committee; Danny Yen, Manager of Communication for Canada Customs; Kevin Weeks, Director Field of Operations at the Michigan Customs and Border Patrol.

For more information:

American Civil Liberties Union –New York, NY

Tom Daschle –Sioux Falls, SD and Washington, DC

Thomas Jefferson School of Law –San Diego, CA

Canada Customs –Windsor, Ontario, Canada

Arab American Anti Discrimination Committee –Dearborn, MI

South Asian Women’s Community Center –Montreal, Quebec

Author: Radio Project

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