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No Place to Live


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Rent Control signs.  Source: Andrew Stelzer

Rent Control signs. Source: Andrew Stelzer

The right to adequate housing is enshrined in the United Nations’ Universal Declaration of Human Rights, but for millions of people, that right is either ignored, or constantly under threat. In the United States, most working class people struggle each month to pay their rent – and that’s just to maintain a roof over their heads.

On this edition, we’ll hear from people in California who are fighting to keep their homes and to preserve the unique culture of their communities.


Will Juncosa, Blue Pacific Mobile Home Park Homeowners Association director; Wendy Strong, Blue Pacific Mobile Home Park resident; James Vann, Oakland Tenants Union; Marko Mlikotin, “Yes on 98” campaign spokesperson; Jean Kaiser and Arlinda Befour, Oakland renters; Michael Kane, Massachusetts Alliance of HUD Tenants; Jean Brocklebank, Yacht Harbor Manor Mobile Home Park Homeowners Association president; Gina La Divina, Aunt Charlie’s Hot Boxxx Girls Show host; Don Romesberg, GLBT Historical Society board member; Alejandro Hurtado, Polk Street resident; Alexis Miranda and Victoria Secret, Diva’s bartenders and performers; Claire Sandberg-Bernar, San Francisco Tenant’s Union organizer; Mary About Something, Gay Shame activist; Ron Case, Lower Polk Neighbors member; Mattilda Sycamore Bernstein, Nobody Passes: Rejecting the Rules of Gender and Conformity editor.

Executive Producer: Tena Rubio
Producer: Andrew Stelzer
Associate Producer: Puck Lo
Intern: Elena Botkin-Levy
Executive Director: Lisa Rudman

For more information:

No on 98, Yes on 99 Campaign – Sacramento, CA

Yes on Prop 98 – Californians for Property Rights Protection – Los Angeles, CA

Coalition of Mobile Home Owners of California – Chatsworth, CA

Oakland Tenants Union – Oakland, CA

Western Center on Law and Poverty – Los Angeles, CA

Gay Shame – San Francisco, CA

San Francisco Tenant’s Union – San Francisco, CA

CitiApartments and Skyline Tenants Organizing Project and Tenants Union

GLBT Historical Society – San Francisco, CA

Lower Polk Neighbors – San Francisco, CA

Mattilda Bernstein Sycamore

Additional information:

Western Center on Law and Poverty report


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Group Home – from the album”Livin Proof”

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