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House of Cards: The Affordable Housing Crisis


Nowhere in the United States can a full-time minimum wage worker afford to rent a two bedroom apartment. This is the conclusion, for the fourth year in a row, of the National Low Income Housing Coalition. In fact, a worker would have to earn almost three times the minimum wage to make ends meet. In some metropolitan areas, that figure is much higher.


Shelia Crowley, National Low Income Housing Coalition; Senator Paul Sarbanes, Maryland; Moises Loza, Housing Assistance Council; Congressmember Barney Frank, Massachusettes; Congressmember Bernie Sanders, Vermont; Meika Johnson, Community Organizer for Just Cause Oakland; Betty Young, Program Secretary of MN Employment Action Center, ACORN member; Jackie Knight, ACORN member; Oscar Navarro, Quality Control Inspector and ACORN.

For more information:

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Congressman Barney Frank – Washington, D.C.

Employment Action Center – St. Louis Park, Minnesota

ACORN – Jersey City, New Jersey

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Author: Sabine Blaizin

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