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Queer Youth Identities (encore edition)


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Young people today are embracing a wide range of terms to describe their sexuality: straight, lesbian, gay, bisexual, transsexual, two-spirit, questioning pansexual, down low, along with reclaiming formerly pejorative terms like dyke and queer. They are changing the way that society thinks about sexual orientation and gender identity.

On this edition of Making Contact, in a collaboration with KPFA’s Full Circle Apprenticeship Program, we’ll examine how queer identity intersects or collides with racial identity in the activist community. We’ll also take a look at the fluidity of identity, from labels to families.


N’Tanya Lee, Director of Youth Development, Coleman Advocates for Children and Youth; Jose Ramirez, Health Education Coordinator, NCLYN; Kohei Ishihara, Co-Founder, PrYSM; Caitlyn Ryan, Family Acceptance Project; Ember Cook, COLAGE; Yu Tong, gender-queer youth; Harry Hay, gay activist and author.

For more information:

Coleman Advocates for Children and Youth – San Francisco, CA

NCLYN (North Carolina Lambda Youth Network) – Durham, NC

LYRIC – San Francisco, CA

Family Acceptance Project – San Francisco, CA

COLAGE – San Francisco, CA

SMAAC Youth Center – Oakland, CA

Author: Radio Project

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