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Queer as Youth (encore edition)


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What’s it like to be young and queer? Young lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender youth are more likely to be harassed and victims of hate crime than their straight peers. They have high drop out rates from school. And studies show that LGBT youth are more prone to depression, drug abuse, and suicide. But as more young people are coming out, both lgbt and their straight peers are challenging the isolation and stigma of being gay.

On this edition of Making Contact, we take a look at the hostile climate for LGBT youth, youth activism in schools, and a new radio show in Chicago for queer latino youth.


Leslie Sadasivan, mother; Michael Bochenik, Counsel to Children Rights, Division of Human Rights Watch; Stephen T. Russell, director, 4-H Center for Youth Development; Carolyn Laub, executive director, Gay-Straight Alliance Network; Tania Unzueta, Nancy Hernandez and Jorge Valdivia, producers of Homofrequencia Radio Arte, WRTE.

For more information:

Counsel to Children Rights, Division of Human Rights Watch – New York, New York

Gay-Straight Alliance Network – San Francisco, CA

Homofrequencia Radio Arte, WRTE – Chicago, IL

Author: Radio Project

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