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What’s Up with the Weather? The Politics of Climate Change (encore edition)


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Upsala Glacier in Southern Argentina has melted at a rate of 200 meters per year.  Source: BBC News

Upsala Glacier in Southern Argentina has melted at a rate of 200 meters per year. Source: BBC News

Global warming is transforming life as we know it from the arctic islands to the Long Island Sound. Now, 25 years after we first heard the term, scientists say the debate is over – climate change is here. On this edition, we’ll hear about whom climate is affecting, industry and government cover-ups, and those calling for action before it’s too late.


Steve Schneider, climatologist; Dan Peloth, lobsterman; Carmella Cuomo, marine biologist; Ben Santer, physicist, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory; S. Fred Singer, Science and Environmental Policy Project; Ross Gelbspan, author; Rick Piltz, former senior associate in the US Climate Change Program; Guan Nairen, coal user in Beijing; Jostein Nygard, Environmental Specialist, World Bank; Xu Huaqing, Centre for Energy, Environment and Climate Change; Jessica Coven, coordinator, Greenpeace Climate Change Campaign; Arnold Schwarzenegger, governor of California; Michelle Wyman, Local Governments for Sustainability

This week’s host: Pauline Bartolone. Contributing producers: Melinda Tuhus, Severine Bardon.

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