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Social Security “Reform”: Rolling Back the New Deal


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Ever since Franklin Roosevelt signed the Social Security Act in 1935, the program has been debated by liberals and conservatives alike. On this edition, we’ll explore the importance of the program to those often overlooked in the current debate over Social Security, like young people, and the disabled. We’ll also hear from author Thomas Frank on some of the larger historical and political issues involved.

Vanessa Swindell, kidney transplant patient and Social Security insurance recipient; Helene Steinhauser, social worker; Fanya Faul, high school student and bookstore employee; Brooks Proctor, high school student and president of Underground Republicans of Boulder, Colorado; Fernando Ramirez, high school student and board member with the United States Student Association.

This program’s producers include: Leigh Ann Caldwell, John Herndon, Justin Beck and Lisa Rudman.

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