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Kurds: From Oppressed to Oppressors


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The Kurds are often called the largest population in the world without a country. 40 million of them live in the mountainous terrain of Turkey, Syria, Iran, and Iraq — and they’ve lived under oppression in each of those countries for most of the last century. On this edition, correspondent Aaron Glantz takes an in depth look at the six million Kurds in Iraq, their years of suffering under Saddam Hussein’s regime, and their drive towards an independent country in the future.


Abdul Ariz Karem Kumar, Kurdish farmer; Farhad Pirball, Professor of Literature, Salahudin University; Nuri Abdel-Rahman Mohammed, night watchman and survivor of ethnic cleansing; Hasna Ali Mohammed, survivor; Aftow Khafood, survivor; Abdul-Hassen Muhan Murad, former trench digger for Saddam Hussein’s secret police; Zekki Daoud Jabber, retired Iraqi Brigadeer General; Rafat Abdel Mohammed Amin, mayor of Benslawa; Ali Mahdi, official, Iraqi Turcoman Front; Ali Falah, medical doctor.

For more information:

American Kurdish Information Network (AKIN) – Washington, DC

Human Rights Watch – New York, NY

Author: Radio Project

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