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Iraq: Portrait of an Occupation


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A year after the fall of Saddam Hussein and President Bush’s declaration of victory, more than 700 US troops have died in Iraq. At the same time, foreign troops have killed 7,000 Iraqis. This doesn’t account for other casualties due to lack of medicine, clean water, and an unstable security situation.

On this edition, we take a look at the impact of the U.S. bombardment in Fallujah, and how that, along with mass incarceration and the Abu Ghraib prison torture incidents, have turned the tide of Iraqi civilian sentiment against the U.S. military occupation. Correspondent Aaron Glantz spent the last three months reporting on the lives of Iraqi citizens and brings us this special report.


Shanam abu Jabar, Sunni businessman; Julia Guest, independent film-maker; Sa’ad Sultan Hussein, lawyer – Iraqi Ministry of Human Rights; People of Fallujah: Ahmed Saud; 11 year old, Yusuf Fakri Amash; Fadel Abbas Khlaff; Mekki al-Azar, clinic director; Ayyad Tapid Abbas, Sheik of a mosque; Abdul Kadr al-Isawie; Family members of Abu Ghraib prisoners: Zahara Ibd Ali; Abdul Rachman; Abdul Razak Hassen, former Iraqi Army General; Sheik Ahmed Yahir al-Samarai; Ahmed Itar Hassen, farmer from Abu Siffa.

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