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Regulating Love


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Marriage can be a personal expression of love and commitment between two people. But it’s also a contract with the government, one that affords certain privileges. On this edition, we take a look at how government is trying to increase marriage regulation: preventing same sex marriages on the one hand, and on the other, promoting marriage as an economic solution for low-income women.

This week’s host: Aimee Pomerleau. Contributing producers: Steven Valentino, with Karina Muñiz, Sarah Olson and Renita Pitts of the Welfare Radio Collaborative.


Gavin Newsom, Mayor of San Francisco; David Knight, carpenter; David Boaz, executive vice president, Cato Institute; John Davidson, senior counsel, Lambda Legal; Glen Stanton, senior analyst, Focus on the Family; Rev. Jerry Falwell, minister; Rev. Neil Thomas, head pastor, Metropolitan Community Church Los Angeles; Rosa Fullmore, domestic violence survivor; Avis Jones-DeWeever, study director for poverty and welfare, Institute for Women’s Policy Research; Mimi Abramovitz, author and professor, City University of New York; Tim Casey, attorney, Legal Momentum; George W. Bush, President of the United States.

For more information:

Gavin Newsom – San Francisco, CA

Cato Institute – Washington D.C.

Metropolitan Community Church Los Angeles – West Hollywood, CA

Focus on the Family – Colorado Springs, CO

Jerry Falwell Ministries

Lambda Legal, Western Regional Office – Los Angeles, CA

Family Violence Prevention Fund – San Francisco, CA

Legal Momentum – New York, NY

Institute for Women’s Policy Research – Washington, D.C.

Hunter College School of Social Work – City University of New York

Coalition for Marriage, Family and Couples Education – Washington, D.C.

Author: Radio Project

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