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Regulating Motherhood: Race, Class and Policy


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In the United States, it is women and children who bear the brunt of economic inequities. And some analysts believe that government programs which claim to assist low-income women are instead being used to punish them. On this program from the Women’s Desk of the National Radio Project, we discuss how drug laws, welfare reform, and the foster care system affect women and families who are low-income. We’ll also look at an innovative program that offers community-based support to women and their children.


Kate Kahan and Mary Caferro, Working For Equality & Economic Liberation; Jacqueline Payne, N.O.W. Legal Defense and Education Fund; Evelyn Aguilar, Children’s Protective Services; Myeshia Grice, California Youth Connection; Jana Rickerson, San Francisco Department of Human Services; Wyndi Anderson, South Carolina Advocates for Pregnant Women; Lynn Paltrow, National Advocates for Pregnant Women; Dorothy Roberts, Northwestern University, Chicago.

Author: Radio Project

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