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ElectionWatch ’04 – Swinging the States


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Even if a presidential candidate wins a state by a small margin in the popular vote, that’s enough to win all of the state’s electoral votes. States where polls are close – called swing states – have a disproportionate impact on the November election. On this edition, we hear from individuals in two of the most influential swing states – Florida and Pennsylvania. We also hear about a swing state strategy some Green voters are choosing.


Elizabeth and Sarah Esty, America Coming Together (ACT) volunteers; Ben Healy, ACT organizer; Earl Smith, Pennsylvania resident; Greg Kantor, union member; Susan Yolen, vice president of public affairs and communication, Planned Parenthood Connecticut; Rob McKenna, candidate for supervisor of Hillsborough county, Florida; Bruce Miles, president of Hillsborough county Democratic Black Caucus; Diana Balzalar, Buena Vista volunteer; Ana Rodriguez, Buena Vista canvassing team leader; Hector, ex-felon and unregistered Florida resident; Chalmers Nickles, Vietnam veteran; David Segal, city council member and chair of Greens for Impact, Providence, Rhode Island.

For more information:

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Planned Parenthood Connecticut – New Haven, CT

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Hillsborough County Democratic Black Caucu

Greens for Impact, c/o David Segal – Providence, RI

Author: Radio Project

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