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ElectionWatch ’04 – Systems Failure (encore edition)


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A healthy democracy depends not only on the leaders whom voters choose to elect, but also the systems used to cast votes. When election systems fail, so does democracy. On this edition, we take a look at the disenfranchisement of African Americans in Florida, the debate over electronic voting machines, and Electoral College reform in the state of Colorado.


Betty Reed, political action chair, Hillsborough County NAACP; Christopher Uggen, sociology professor, University of Minnesota; Al Frymier, Florida Council of Churches; Teresa Hommel, activist and web author; Bob Fitrakis, senior editor, The Free Press; Mary Jo Kilroy, Franklin County commissioner; David Dill, founder,; Alan Dechert, president, Open Voting Consortium; Teresa Fedor, Ohio state senator; Bev Harris, investigative journalist; Greg Palast, investigative journalist; Polly Baca, former Colorado state senator; Rick Ridder, political consultant; Ted Halaby, chair, Colorado Republicans; Rob Richie, executive director, Center for Voting and Democracy; Dan Johnson-Weinberger, director, Midwest Democracy Center.

For more information:

Hillsborough County NAACP – Tampa, FL

Department of Sociology – Minneapolis, MN

Florida Council of Churches

The Free Press – Columbus, OH

Franklin County Board of Commissioners – Columbus, OH

Department of Computer Science – Stanford, CA

Open Voting Consortium – Granite Bay, CA

Black Box Voting

Greg Palast

RBI Strategy & Research – Denver, CO

Colorado GOP – Denver, CO

Center for Voting and Democracy – Takoma Park, MD

Midwest Democracy Center – Chicago, IL

Author: Radio Project

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