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Courage Under Fire: Resistance to War (encore edition)


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Resistance to the status quo is a common theme among social, political, and environmental movements. But resistance during war can increase the stakes, sometimes with dire consequences. On this edition of Making Contact, we’ll take a look at resistance in Rwanda during the nationwide call for genocide in 1994, Japanese American activism during World War II, and the legacy of draft-registration resistance and conscientious objection since the Vietnam War.


Sula Karahimbi, Hutu traditional healer; Celestin Hatigmana, Tutsi member of the Anglican Clergy; Damas Gisimba, Gisimba Memorial Centre Orphanage; Elizabeth Onyango and Rakiya Omaar, African Rights; Marie, a Tutsi woman who lost her family in the genocide; Eric Muller, professor of law at the University of North Carolina; Ernie Iyama, Japanese American volunteer soldier during WWII; Marshall Tsurita and Kauro Yoshi Fuji, respondents to the loyalty oath; Mits Koshiyama and Jimi Yamaichi, Japanese-American WWII internment camp draft resisters; andEdward Hasbrouck, draft-registration resister.

For more information:

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Edward Hasbrouck

Author: Radio Project

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