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Entry Denied: Former Prisoners Re-entering Society


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The prison population in the United States is rising. So are the numbers of people exiting prison and trying to piece their lives back together. In fact, three million people will be released from prison over the next five years.

On this Prison Desk edition of Making Contact, we’ll look at the barriers former prisoners face, and community efforts to support people re-entering society.


Susan BurtonJerome Marsh, media spokesperson, California Dept. of Corrections; Joan Petersilia, University of California at Irvine; Judy Appell, Drug Policy Alliance; Ryan King, the Sentencing Project; Kamau Marcharia andCorry Stevenson, founder and community organizer at South Carolina United Action; Dorsey E. Nunn, program director, Legal Services for Prisoners with Children; Tommy Escarcega, Proyecto Common Touch.

For more information:

Susan Burton – Los Angeles, CA
Marilyn Montenegro, Shannon Brandeis, and Regina Buford can be reached through ANWOL.

Jerome Marsh – Los Angeles, CA

Joan Petersilia – Irvine, CA

Judy Appell – Oakland, CA

Ryan King – Washington, DC

Grassroots Leadership – Jenkinsville, SC

South Carolina United Action – Orangeburg, SC

Dorsey E. Nunn – San Francisco, CA

Tommy Escarcega – Oakland, CA

Author: Radio Project

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