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A Poor System: Welfare Punishing Women


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Policymakers have used Welfare Reform as a hot button political issue for decades. Advocates for families in poverty say the welfare system targets women of color by subjecting them to fraud investigations and harsh restrictions. On this program, from the Women’s Desk of the National Radio Project, we look at the history and attitudes behind welfare policy in the United States. We’ll hear from recipients who have experienced first-hand how the welfare system treats women like criminals for being poor. These women argue that education is a cost-effective way out of poverty.

This program is part of the Welfare Radio Collaborative, a training and production effort, in conjunction with the Women of Color Resource Center.


Kaaryn Gustafson, Women of Color Resource Center; Mildred Lewis, Extended Opportunity Program, Laney College; Amy Lee, Bay Area Legal Aid; Gwendolyn Mink, Smith College; Jill Duerr Berrick, University of California; Greg Gibeson, Alameda County District Attorney’s Office.

For more information:

Kaaryn Gustafson, Welfare Rights Education & Advocacy Project – Oakland, CA

Extended Opportunity Program at Laney College – Oakland, CA

Bay Area Legal Aid – Oakland, CA

Smith College

University of California, School of Social Welfare

Author: Radio Project

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