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ElectionWatch ’04 Pushing Medicare: The Health Industry and Public Subsidies for Prescription Drugs


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Seniors and those approaching retirement age are a major voting block, likely to have a substantial impact on the 2004 presidential election. Among top concerns for seniors are the future of Medicare – the government program that guarantees health coverage to persons over age 65 – and the skyrocketing prices of prescription drugs. In early December 2003 President Bush signed into law the Prescription Drug and Medicare Improvement Act, touting the legislation as a victory for the elderly. But some say it was nothing more than a boon for the pharmaceutical industry. On this edition of Making Contact’s ElectionWatch ’04, a monthly special from the National Radio Project, we take a look at Medicare and prescription drugs.


Terry Mandel, a health industry consultant who tells a Medicare story of her father’s close call; Dr. Quentin Young, Physicians for a National Health Program; Professor Alan Sager, Boston University’s School of Public Health; Gray Panthers’Sigrid Hawkes and Joan Lee; and, a report from correspondent Monica Lopez on AARP’s support for the Medicare bill.

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