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Radio Mobilizing Communities (encore edition)


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Over the past several decades radio has played a vital role in informing and mobilizing communities around the world. On this edition, we’ll hear about street children in India making and broadcasting their own radio shows in the marketplace, and a Native American-run radio station at the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota. We’ll also take a look at micro-radio. Proponents won the right in 2000 to have low-powered community stations in the United States.


Rita Panicker, founder of Butterflies Street and Working Children in India; Sunil Kumar, head of the Butterflies Media Project; Esan and Pappu, street kids living in Delhi; Charles Aboureszk, KILI Radio News Director and Aboureszk Law Firm; Ron Walters, Native American Journalists’ Association; Pete TriDish, Media Activist, Prometheus Radio Project.

For more information:

Butterflies Street and Working Children (New Delhi, India)

KILI Radio–Porcupine, SD

Native American Journalists’ Association–Vermillion, SD

Abourezk Law Firm–Rapid City, SD

Prometheus Radio Project–Philadelphia, PA

Author: Radio Project

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